Technology: Buy on the coming(?) dip

Technology: Buy on the coming(?) dip

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Why the post-Brexit crisis isn’t just like the others

Any post-Brexit crisis will will be a slow motion crisis driven by a gradual slowdown in economic growth in the United Kingdom, the European Union, Japan, China and the United States that results in a dimming of prospects for corporate earnings growth. The crisis will be interrupted periodically, as it has been in the last two days, by the hope that this time central banks will be able to intervene and get this or that economy growing again

Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick: U.S. GDP growth revised up to 1.1% in the first quarter

This morning the Commerce Department announced that it had revised its estimate for first quarter GDP growth up to 1.1%, from an earlier estimate of 0.8%. This is the last of three estimates for first quarter GDP. The median projection for this revision of first quarter GDP growth by economists surveyed by Bloomberg called for 1.0% growth.