Introducing the Perfect 5 ETFs Portfolio!

My new Perfect 5 ETF Active Passive Portfolio is intended to clear up one bit of confusion. ETFs are indeed passively-managed, index-tracking investment vehicles. But portfolios of ETFs put together by investors aren’t – and indeed can’t be–passively managed. An investor is making a choice to own U.S. equities in an ETF versus an emerging market ETF versus a bond ETF, for example. Even a decision to own nothing but a Standard & Poor’s 500 ETF is an active investment decision.

Investors forget this distinction at their peril. And that’s why, this week, I’m launching my new Perfect 5 Active Passive ETF portfolio. The portfolio will always own just five passively managed low-cost ETFs, but then I’ll be making recommendations for active decision by you as to what ETFs (and when) in what allocations will fill those five slots.

For a limited time only, you can get a free-two week trial to the portfolio on my premium site. After trying the portfolio and the site for two weeks, you can subscribe for just $159 for your first year. (The regular price is $199 a year.)

With your free trial and discounted subscription you’ll get my Perfect 5 ETF portfolio, my Volatility Portfolio (and access to all three of the other portfolios I run on line), plus exclusive posts not found on my other sites including posts on hot sectors and weekly trends, and a Saturday post looking to the week ahead. Plus you’ll get a daily 5 p.m. email that includes all the day’s posts on

This free trial offer expires at the end of October.

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