About Jubak Asset Management

Jubak Asset Management is dedicated to making money for subscribers to the JAM Letter. And along the way we’re dedicated to pioneering new ways for investing on the Internet that give you more frequent and more timely information about global stock markets and your investments in them.

You notice Jim Jubak’s name on the door? He does all our stock research and picking, and he writes every post published on JubakAM.com. And you’ll see his face in all of our videos because he shoots them from behind his own cluttered desk.

We do one thing and one thing only at Jubak Asset Management.

We publish The JAM Letter, which brings you the best of Jim’s thinking on global markets, hot and cold investment sectors, and stock picks every day. Find out more about JAM or subscribe here.

We’ve tried in everything we do at Jubak Asset Management to make sure that our interests are aligned with yours. Our belief is that if you do well, we’ll do well.

So we eat our own cooking as frequently as we can. At the end of each post that names specific stocks to buy or sell, we disclose, which, if any, we own. We don’t trade for at least three days before we make a buy or a sell. And we don’t trade for at least three days after we make a recommendation.

We want you along for the ride. We don’t want to take you for a ride.