No deal on Greek debt until…

No deal on Greek debt until…

Today’s meeting of EuroZone finance minsters is likely to end without a deal on unlocking further loans for Greece. The most that might be achieved now looks to be an agreement to send bailout auditors back to Athens next week. In fact there seems to be no big rush to get a deal done

The horrible Greek debt deal isn’t even actually a deal–just an agreement to negotiate a new bailout program

The EuroZone has forced Greece down this road before and there is no reason to think that tax increases and cuts to government spending will stimulate growth in the Greek economy this time. If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, then this program is insane.

Decision time tomorrow on Greek bailout plan; EuroZone markets optimistic that the weekend will bring a deal

Greece has made its pitch and now it’s up to the other members of the EuroZone to either strike a deal tomorrow or have EuroZone political leaders start planning for a Greek exit from the euro on at Sunday summit. If there’s no deal or likelihood of a deal by Monday, the European Central Bank has intimated that it would not be able to extend more loans to Greece’s banks.